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Zubr-class landing craft

Air cushion small landing ships - Project 12322 

The Zubr class (Project 1232.2, NATO reporting name "Pomornik") is a class of air-cushioned landing craft (LCAC). This class of military hovercraft is, as of 2012, the world's largest, with a standard full load displacement of 555 tons. The hovercraft is designed to sealift amphibious assault units (such as marines and tanks) from equipped/non-equipped vessels to non-equipped shores, as well as transport and plant naval mines.

There are ten Zubr-class hovercraft in service. There are two vessels in the Russian Navy and four with the Hellenic Navy.[3] In 2009, China placed an order for four vessels from Ukraine [order transferred to Russia now] as part of a deal worth 315 million USD. Two updated versions of the vessels were built by Crimea's Feodosia Shipbuilding Company, followed by two advanced models of the surface warship.

The purchase of HS Cephalonia (L 180) for the Hellenic Navy marked the first time a Soviet-designed naval craft had been built for a NATO member.

In June 2017, Russia announced it was restarting production of the Zubr-class craft. Representatives from the Russian shipbuilding industry soon after responded by stating production could not possibly resume in 2018 and would only be possible by 2019–2021, refuting the government position. Representatives cited the lack of availability of and inability to mass-produce components, notably gas turbine engines and reduction gears as the main obstacles.

NPO Saturn (ODK GT) and Turboros developed marine gas turbine M70FRU (D090), FR RU, M70FRU2 (DP/DM71) along M90FR, M75RU, E70RD8 and Elektrosila, AO Zvezda, Metallist, Samara and others developed reductors and gears. Fan and Turboprop provided by NK Kuznetsov, Aerosila, among others (perhaps some like Aviadvigatel, Salut, AMNTK, UMPO, KMPO, having high and long experience and production).

The Zubr-class landing craft has a cargo area of 400 square metres (4,300 sq ft) and a fuel capacity of 56 tons. It can carry three main battle tanks (up to 150 tonnes), or ten armoured vehicles with 140 troops (up to 131 tonnes), or 8 armoured personnel carriers of total mass up to 115 tonnes, or 8 amphibious tanks or up to 500 troops (with 360 troops in the cargo compartment).

At full displacement the ship is capable of negotiating up to 5-degree gradients on non-equipped shores and 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in)-high vertical walls. The Zubr class remains seaworthy in conditions up to Sea State 4. The vessel has a cruising speed of 30–40 knots (56–74 km/h; 35–46 mph).

General characteristics - Project 12322
Displacement (tons):
Standard: 500
Full load: 550
Dimensions (m):
Length: 57,3
Beam: 25,6
Draft: 1,6
Speed (kts): 63
Range: 300 mn (55 kts)
Autonomy (days): 5
Propulsion: 3x10000 h.p., gas turbines MT-70, 2x10000 h.p., gas turbines NO-10, 5 turbine-type generators GTG-100K x100 kW (Project 12322E - 5 diesel generators «Volvo Penta»)
Armament: 1x2 launcher MTU-2 SAM system «Igla-1M» (32? missiles)
2x6 30 mm AK-630M (3000 rounds) – Fire control system MR-123-02 «Vympel» (on MDK-51 - without fire control system)
2x22 140 mm launchers MS-227«Ogon`» (132 rounds OF-45, ZZh-45) – Fire control system DVU-3
78 mines (instead of troops)
Electronics: Radar «Pozitiv» (on MDK-51), Radar «Lazur`», ESM Radar system MP-411, navigation radar «Ekran-1», communication complex R-782 «Buran»
Cargo: 3 main battle tanks T-80 or 10 BTR or 8 BMP or 360 troops or 140 troops and 130 tons of cargo or 150 tons of cargo
Crew: 27 (4 officers)

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